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Watch this video and more on ZZ Kids TV

Gaga Baby's Morning Routine! (Will he be late for Daycare?)

Daily Routines • 2m 20s

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    Goo Goo Mom wakes up and begin her morning routine but Goo Goo Gaga is still sleeping! Mom wants to shop at the store but son is taking to long to get ready! Oh No Mom I’m Late! Goo Goo Gaga and Goo Goo MomMorning Routine & Grocery Shopping Skit!

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    It's back to School Time! Goo Goo Gaga pretend play sleeping and is about be late for school! ZZ Kid help his little brother complete his morning routine before they are lated for school! the brush teeth, change clothes, eat breakfast, and head off to school!


    Goo Goo Gaga teaches kids how to make bed, brush teeth, put on shirt, put on shoes, and make breakfast! Enjoy our morning routine video!