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Watch this video and more on ZZ Kids TV

ZZ Kids TV Rewind 2018 (Play, Challenge, Surprise, Discover, Fun)

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    ZZ Kid is out for summer break and he wants to sleep all day. Goo Goo Mom want him to wake up to start his morning routine: brush his teeth, make his bed, eat breakfast, put on his clothes, and play video game! Will ZZ Kid wake up?

  • Oh No! Gaga Baby Teleports & We Can’t...

    Gaga found ZZ Dad's magic wand and teleports to Chuck E Cheese's, Target, and other stores! Help ZZ Dad and ZZ Kid find Gaga!

  • Who is GM? (ZZ Kids Reveals A Secret)...

    ZZ Kids played along with GM games! We followed a trail of Jelly Beans that lead us to 3 different clues! The clues helped us solve and reveal a secret! Who is GM? Is it the Gingerbread Man?